Construction Material Flooring Options

The world of construction is one that allows us to create homes, businesses and places of worship.  When we take the time to design a location, put the care into creating a safe and functional space, then we are building something that will last for years to come.


The flooring in our construction projects is very important.  The flooring is what we will use most often, and which will receive the most punishment and use.  When looking at the flooring having different options available to us is where our use cases come from.

epoxy flooring

Epoxy and Concrete

The most common is going to be epoxy flooring or concrete.  These types of floorings are durable and will take the most punishment.  You will find these floorings in garages, warehouses and high traffic construction projects. 

Wood flooring

From there wood flooring is next on the list.  These types of floors can be found in contemporary buildings, offices and homes.  With wood flooring you can have plywood, tongue and grove or other locking options.  With wood flooring you have a warm and natural look which most people love.


Tile is a great way to have a stone or other natural look.  Similar to wood flooring tile flooring is durable and looks great.  With tile however, your subfloor needs to be strong enough to support the weight.  Tile will need special skills to install since it comes in squares that need to be placed in a straight line and done with spacers so that they don’t waiver and create uneven lines.


Carpet will be the choice for most people.  With carpet you can have it in homes, offices and lower traffic locations.  Carpet comes in a wide range of colors, patterns and styles and is really easy to clean and maintain.

When working with these materials it all comes down to what is in your budget, the look and feel and functionality of the flooring that you want.