6 Reasons to Install a Sunroom on Your Home

If you’ve considered installing a sunroom at your home but are still uncertain if you want to make this move, the following six reasons will help you better understand why that choice shouldn’t be delayed another day. With a new sunroom, you have a valuable and wonderful addition to your home.

1.    Sunrooms offer a taste of the outdoors without leaving your house or without the fear of mosquitos and other nuisances.  The fresh air minus the worries are quite nice and give you time to enjoy all of the outdoors that makes you happy.

2.    You can also enjoy the versatility that a sunroom offers. Whether you want to relax and read a book alone or want to spend time with your family, sunrooms make it all possible. It is easy to change it up whenever you want.

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3.    You can find several types of sunrooms somers point in an array of cool and functional styles so it is easy to accommodate your needs and budget. Far too many people think they cannot afford the costs of a sunroom when the truth is their quite affordable options for any budget.

4.    A sunroom addition increases the value of your home. If you plan on selling the home in the future, the sunroom adds greater buyer attraction and value to the property, both points you can appreciate.

5.    With the installation of a sunroom, your home stands out from the rest. You gain a unique room that becomes the envy of all of your neighbors.

6.    Thanks to a sunroom you will be happier and enjoy better moods each day! You can also be sure you get the daily dose of vitamin D that the body needs to stay at optimal health at all times.

A Few Mosquito Myths, Debunked

Summer in St. Louis often includes mosquitoes which cause quite a nuisance for many people who simply want to go outside and enjoy the beautiful days and nights. However, many mosquito myths exist and believing these myths can cause delay in treatment or even worsen the problem. Worry no more as we reveal a few common mosquito myths and the truth behind the matter.

Myth: All Mosquitos Bite

Only female mosquitoes bite a human host. They need the blood from a human host to fertilize their eggs, so this need isn’t one that males have. Male plants are busy munching on plant nectar instead.

Myth: Mosquitos are Harmless

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Mosquitoes carry viruses such as West Nile virus and Zika virus, each which carry with them a number of symptoms and in worst case scenarios, may cause death. More than 65,000 cases of mosquito-borne illness have occurred in the U.S. in the past 15 years.

Myth: Treatment is Expensive

Citronella candles and other repellents sold at various home improvement stores work great but professional treatment is best and actually saves a ton of money when all is said and done. And, since various treatments exist, getting the right option for your needs is simple.

Myth: Your Scent Matters

Research suggests that mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide transmitted from our breath rather than sweet scents. Go ahead and put on your perfume this summer without worry. Keep in mind that people with Type O blood are twice as likely to become a mosquito meal than people with other blood types.

If you want to ensure mosquitos do not ruin your summer fun, reach out to a great mosquito company st. louis for treatment options. No matter your budget, affordable treatment options keep your home free from mosquitos!

Transform Bathroom Looks with Flooring

Many homeowners will soon start home improvement projects to transform the look of certain rooms. For some, this is a process to modernize these spaces and to make them more appealing. The flooring in these rooms is a secret approach that can achieve these goals. Simply changing bathroom flooring jefferson city mo styles could result in the display that you’ve envisioned.

You may want to change the flooring in one or more bathrooms in the home. Some people prefer a certain shade or wooden designs for these rooms. Tile and other flooring styles are great choices for these living spaces. The size and design of the bathroom, may impact the type of flooring you select. Working with professional products is the best way to get the appearance that you want in these rooms.

Brighten Up the Room

Dark flooring is not always the best feature especially if you want to brighten the room. This may mean looking for carpeting or different flooring styles. There are many styles that will allow you to make this a bright and cheery space. Introducing color is sometimes the strategy that can be used in decorating these bathrooms with lighter flooring.

Create a Theme

Island and garden themes are some of the most popular for bathrooms. This involves making changes to transform different features in these rooms. Creating a special theme will definitely include your flooring selection. These home improvement project must utilize quality products to complete these themes.

bathroom flooring jefferson city mo

Fortunately for homeowners in Jefferson City and surrounding areas, they have access to quality flooring choices. These are helpful tools to help you create theme bathrooms or those that harmonize with current d├ęcor. The right flooring choice can transform the flow of bathrooms no matter their size or dimensions. It is possible to use flooring as a focal point to decorate around for these projects.

Improving Your Home

As a homeowner it is important that we take the time and effort to keep our homes looking nice as well as functioning properly.  During the course of you living in your home you will want to focus on some major areas as well as minor areas of your home.  One of the first things that you will want to take into consideration are electrical upgrades montgomery.

Electricity is something that you never want to play with.  When we have electrical issues, you can easily start a fire or cause other damage to yourself and your home.  When you have an issue with or even before you have an issue with electricity you want to contact a licensed professional to come in and check it out.

Windows and doors

electrical upgrades montgomery

The next components that you want to take into consideration are your windows and doors.  When you constantly open or close your windows and doors, allow the elements to pound on them constantly and don’t do anything to keep up their protective layers and appearance, then they will begin to decay.

After a storm you want to do a walkthrough to make sure that there are no cracks, leaks or other damage to your windows or doors.  If you find issues, then it is important that you address them quickly as to prevent them from causing future more expensive issues.


It is also important that you look at different upgrade options to your home.  This can include modernizing the home with a security system or smart home features.  You will also want to consider using different upgrades such as paint, carpet, new tile and even consider remodeling specific rooms in the house such as the kitchen, bathrooms and bedroom.

For those that are looking for the perfect space or are just in the market to improve their home for later resale value, then these are the steps you want to start with.

If You Can’t Do It The Handyman Can

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Why is this? Because hardy men and women working out of the handyman services colorado springs workshop have all the tools and resources that you currently don’t have. Whenever something crops up around the place, this could be your home or your business, you think that you or one of your most resourceful employees can fix it. Only to find that you don’t have the required tools. Having to run up and down to the hardware store, finding bits and pieces that they may not always have in stock, can be quite irritating and a real timewaster. 

It negatively affects your budget or petty cash box. But by just hiring the handyman already, you solve a whole lot of problems. He is your consummate DIY expert. He is what locals might refer to as the Mr. Fixit. He fixes everything in sight. This might seem like an exaggeration to those who have never hired him before, but it is all true. You only have to read the reviews of his work. Here you can of course be clever.

You’ll know that the wool will never be pulled over your eyes when you read up about what others in the know have had to say about this kind of business. But you will be using the handyman’s own business website to check and see what kind of jobs he’s currently handling. A friendly warning though. The list could be long. Nevertheless, it is a handy list to keep to one side in case you need it in the future.

Particularly in times of emergencies. And that’s another thing; those are covered too, all within reason. Standard procedure for an essential service provider. And certainly good for times like these.   

Construction Material Flooring Options

The world of construction is one that allows us to create homes, businesses and places of worship.  When we take the time to design a location, put the care into creating a safe and functional space, then we are building something that will last for years to come.


The flooring in our construction projects is very important.  The flooring is what we will use most often, and which will receive the most punishment and use.  When looking at the flooring having different options available to us is where our use cases come from.

epoxy flooring

Epoxy and Concrete

The most common is going to be epoxy flooring or concrete.  These types of floorings are durable and will take the most punishment.  You will find these floorings in garages, warehouses and high traffic construction projects. 

Wood flooring

From there wood flooring is next on the list.  These types of floors can be found in contemporary buildings, offices and homes.  With wood flooring you can have plywood, tongue and grove or other locking options.  With wood flooring you have a warm and natural look which most people love.


Tile is a great way to have a stone or other natural look.  Similar to wood flooring tile flooring is durable and looks great.  With tile however, your subfloor needs to be strong enough to support the weight.  Tile will need special skills to install since it comes in squares that need to be placed in a straight line and done with spacers so that they don’t waiver and create uneven lines.


Carpet will be the choice for most people.  With carpet you can have it in homes, offices and lower traffic locations.  Carpet comes in a wide range of colors, patterns and styles and is really easy to clean and maintain.

When working with these materials it all comes down to what is in your budget, the look and feel and functionality of the flooring that you want.